Special thanks to:

Jenna Branecki, Noah and Wendy Asaro, Whitney Stebbins, Rich Silverstein, Katie T. Zinsmeister, Mary Azzopardi, Brian Flanagan, Gordon Leary, Elizabeth Madariaga, Mike Olcese, Loerli A. Trippel, Eric Galipo, Gay Kleven, Senna Osby, Robert Shapiro, Jodi Murphy, Joseph Murphy, Dan Silver, Scotty Arnold, Matthew Murphy, Laura and Larry Armanino, Julia Meinwald, Jackie Tandy Harrold, Joe DiPietro, Jason Frink, Diane Finston, Lawrence-Michael C. Arias, Donna and Chris Svedise, Stacy Mann Anderson, Byrne Harrison, Kate Eberwein, Stephen Marchi, Aimee Stark, Vicki Vittori, Aimee Miles, Ryan Scott Oliver, Julianne Wick Davis, Bill Duggan, Jason Hashimoto, Jerald Enos, Dennis Feliciano, Nicole Sarich, Roseanna Wieland, Peter Mommers, Sylvia Johnson, Richard Prasad, Steve Libin, Barbara Means Fraser and Bob Fraser, Chris Cobb Olsen, Anna and Dave Loftus, Michelle Micheletti-Fisher and Wayne Fisher, Dorothy Micheletti, Phil and Tracey Asaro, Bruce Pasha and Marian Levinstein, Rose Crounse, Cait Collins, Benjamin and Kathie Asaro, Christine Asaro, Will Springhorn Jr., Lynne J. Krushell, Justin Utley, the Hoey family, Joe Korleski, and Gregory Jacobs Roseman.

Also deserving of thanks are the people who have contributed their time and energy to the development of Our Country: Diana Basmajian, David Little, and Eric Day.